Bitgene blockchain is a decentralized digital content protection, transaction, tracking and advertising value-added system,Bitgene is committed to adopting innovative patented technologies on top of blockchain to associate digital content with digital gene that is imperceptible but can be identified by applications ,realizing identity authentication, transaction, tracing, and advertisement pushing for digital content in various online and offline scenarios.
How does digital content relate to digital gene
Based on information hiding technology, digital fingerprint technology, and AI content identification technology, Bitgene associates digital content with digital gene , and the associated information is integrated with digital content. The original content does not change and is imperceptible. It has extremely rich application scenarios
How does Bitgene protect digital content copyright using the blockchain technology
The features of decentralization, tamperproof and trustworthiness of blockchain provide a new technical framework for solving copyright protection problems of centralization of copyright certification, incomplete transaction records and the credibility of certification. But the main obstacle of popularization of blockchain copyright protection
How to identify digital gene in digital content
Bitgene provides a variety of convenient ways to identify digital gene in digital content, through websites, APPs, desktop clients, browser plug-ins, API/SDKs and other ways.
Empowerment for digital content
Digital gene technology empowers digital content and has rich application scenarios in digital content copyright protection, tracing, and interactive marketing, taking interactive marketing as an example, the digital interactive advertising based on digital gene technology can be displayed and disseminated widely with good user interaction and quick access to target...
Bitgene Information Hiding System
Bitgene solution
Decentralized digital gene copyright
Bitgene chain uses information hiding,fingerprinting and AI technologies to assoicate "digital gene" with digital content, effectively solving the problem of separation of copyright certification and digital content, and build the decentralized full life cycle copyright management platform for digital content (picture, audio and video etc.) In the first stage, Bitgene chain uses encrypted information hiding technology to embed copyright information invisible to naked eyes into digital pictures. The registration and embedding of the copyright information is completed using the decentralized blockchain network. Information hiding technology of the Bitgene chain can resist cutting, rotation, zooming, compression and other attacks, realizing high mobility and cross-media copyright certification of the digital content in the mobile internet era.
Decentralized digital content transaction, tracing,
advertisement distribution
Bitgene chain provides many services such as identity authentication and copyright transfer report, copyright dispute arbitration, advertisement distribution system in the application layer to realize goods / service certification, demand release, trading, tracing in real business scenarios which better meets users’ requirements
Decentralized platform service
Bitgene is an open platform that supports developers and partners to develop applications and provide services for the full life cycle of digital content. Bitgene provides a technical framework, APIs, and client-side tools to support developers to develop components, Dapp, alliance chains.
Decentralized user participation
Bitgene is a fair decentralized platform. All services provided on Bitgene are paid services .The users can get incentives while protecting, trading, reporting infringement, browsing content advertisement. Bookkeeper, computing power provider, platform application service provider on Bitgene can all get rewards. Everyone is a creator, everyone is a consumer, and everyone is a copyright owner on Bitgene

Presentation layer

The design principle is to simplify user experience as much as possible, and all the users' work is done in the same user interface, Similar to the browsers, the B/S user experience is simulated in P2P ,allowing users to transition seamlessly to the P2P world. The fat client design is being used.

Aggregation layer

The aggregation layer is an organic combination of various business logic modules on the component layer. The P2P intelligent crawler technology is used to display the resource aggregation of different media types and labels. The virtual machine mechanism is used to achieve a compile to run implementation. The DHT (distributed hash table) is used to search and fetch resources scattered in the p2p network nodes , and with copyright protection system, Bitgene builds a safe and efficient virual organization with rich resources.

Component layer

The component layer is the business logic layer, is also a tool layer, including a variety of complex business modules, supporting a variety of business scenarios, is also the middle layer of the business system, supporting the presentation layer upwards and connecting to the data layer downwards, it consists of two parts: H5 and Bytecode, H5 is executed by the browser engine of the presentation layer, while Bytecode is executed by the virtual machines of the core layer and they interact with each other using IPC, RPC, WS, etc.

Core layer

Because the node architectures in P2P networks differ, if the code cannot be transplanted seamlessly, it will greatly affect the user experience and bring extra complexity to the application sharing. The best choice is to use the virtual machine as the execution engine of the upper applications.

Data layer

There are three kinds of resource attributes in the P2P network, public owned, group owned, private owned , corresponding to blockchain storage, database storage and file storage respectively, the data layer is the engine of the entire nodes, is responsible for the CRUD operations for various resources, DHT is the core resource sharing data tables in the P2P network, performs data indexing on distributed resources to provide information search or data query service.

Network layer

Kad is a P2P overlapping network transmission protocol, and is a kind of P2P information system based on XOR operation. It formulates the structure of the network and standardizes the way of communication and exchange of information between nodes. It is the key technology on the decentralized networks.


Example of copyright protection

A is a game company and has always insisted on originality, but A finds that there is a lot of plagiarism in the industry, because the original owner did not copyright the pictures, audio, animation videos , it’s hard to file the complaint, As long as it is not complete plagiarism, many companies have to bear it. A's game scenes are complex, it is very time consuming and costly to apply for copyright certification through traditional channels. A decides to use Bitgene to fully protect the digital content. A quickly obtains copyright certification for various game elements with network wide witnessing through various tools provided by Bitgene. A finds out that Bitgene not only has the network wide proof, but also DVOs composed of authoritative certification centers. Applying for copyright certification from authoritative centers is also very simple. After adopting the copyright protection measures on Bitgene, the original value begins to appear. A gradually gains its market share.

Example of copyright trading

B set up a homemade video MCN (Multi-Channel Network), and shot a number of video series. B, on one hand, is worried about the homemade video being pirated, on the other hand, is afraid of finding no buyers, so B reluctantly releases video for free to attract traffic. Through Bitgene, B protects all video content, labels them, and sets up smart contracts for automated trading. Shortly B receives the buyer's request pushed from the Bitgene aggregation browser, and B finds that the purchase demand is far more than expected. Soon, B find transactions done automatically via smart contracts he set up, the buyer is a DVO composed of a group of self media, now B can focus on video creation.

Example of copyright tracing

C is a picture agency, lables massive amount of self-owned copyright pictures manually, and compares the pictures against those on the picture books , magazines and posters with naked eyes. The results are poor, and the work efficiency is not guaranteed. C uses the API and tools provided by Bitgene to quickly search and match the pictures in print using mobile phone and greatly improve the work efficiency. C also uses Bitgene's network tracing tool to get a comprehensive report on the distribution and circulation of their own copyright pictures which guarantees their copyright revenues. C agency reduces the labor cost and broadens the source of income.

Example of copyright value-adding

D is a magazine publisher, and every month there are many pictures in the magazines and electronic content. Previously D's income mainly comes from the page advertising. As D use the value-added services on the Bitgene that allows advertisers to put interactive ads on their content. D’s copyrighted pictures with advertising contents are sent to users within the chain through aggregated browsers, and users can get the coupons in their region by browsing the gourmet pictures of D. D also finds that the advertisers still have the advertising requirements outside the chain, so D launches the advertisements outside the chain for magazine printed pictures and electronic contents, implants Bitgene’s Dapp identification tool into their own APP, and installs page codes on their own pages. D’s users can scan the life related pictures to participate in cool games and there are gifts and red envelopes there, the users’ enthusiasm is high. D's self-driving tour pictures on social platforms and websites helps a car company to significantly increase sales, and the advertiser has a high price per customer. D's advertising revenue has surged, users become more active, and D harvests a lot of fans on the social platform



Former member of the network security research team of the China's Academy of Science. One of national biometrics standard development participant.

Dr. Hu

The first double postdoctoral in the Chinese cryptography field. Post-doctoral research at the China’s Academy of Sciences and University of Waterloo in Canada


Former IBM blockchain project manager. Years of experience in blockchain technology development, software architecture design, software development.


Doctor of Mathematics. US NSPAR Senior Researcher. Research areas include AI, data processing, and data analysis.


Formerr Sina Weibo Architect.Blockchain technology researcher, rich experience in software development and system architecture.


Former Baidu AI algorithm engineer. Years of AI related work experience, solid theoretical foundation and rich algorithm experience in machine learning, data mining,information retrieval and other fields.


10 plus years of software practitioner experience, blockchain researcher. Served as the CTO of a US.IT company, hosting the next generation of smart home and AI service robots.


Senior Product Manager, Blockchain Technology Researcher. Senior entrepreneur in the Internet field, led many innovative product technologies and systems development.


Professor Liu

Famous expert in the field of cryptography and information security Chief architect of many information systems and products , obtained a number of achievements in science and technology. 

Huang Lianjin

Famous Blockchain Expert.Former Huawei Technology VP,Chief Blockchain Scientist.American ACM Practitioner Board member, China Electronics Association blockchain expert.

Zeng Chen

Cornell University Ph.D. in Physics.Tenured professor in The George Washington University.Engaged in cross-scientific research in biomedical engineering, computational biophysics.

Dr. Wasserman

Master of Science in Cornell and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Doctor of Science History in Harvard University.Global Blockchain Technology promoter.


Blockchain Technology Expert Blockchain Project OFBANK Partner He used to be the core algorithm engineer of IBM headquarters in U.S. He was co-founder and CTO of big data analysis and forecasting company.


Visiting Scholar, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Engaged in information security and other work In Sprint, IBM, Ericsson. President of Alumni Association of Sichuan University in Washington area.


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